Investment Strategies

Tradition Wealth Management’s core investment process is grounded by our knowledge and experience gained through successful investing during numerous market cycles, including times of economic triumph and turbulence, thorough research, and the continued dedication and discipline to meet your specific investment objectives and goals.

We use our expertise in the marketplace to review all types of investments and how they react in different market cycles. This starts with our own fundamental and technical analysis of each investment class involving equities, bonds, alternatives, and cash.

Tradition Wealth Management has also employed outside research to analyze individual equites, ETF’s, bonds, and alternatives. We start with monitoring these investments and narrow down to a focus list determined by our investment committee. Then put through another series of screenings, we build asset allocation strategies and percentage allocation based on the current market circumstances and most importantly your risk tolerance and investment objectives. In addition, we keep the costs associated with each investment top of mind. Our advisors monitor your portfolios daily and look to make changes based on performance by holdings or percentage allocations changes from our targets.